High Voltage Applications



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You know that you need a high voltage power supply,
but you're not sure which product to choose?

Have a look at our selection of application notes
which are probably the easiest way to choose a product to suit your needs.




Electrostatic Filtering - Whatsoever

Electrostatic Filtering

  • Industrial electrostatic precipitators
  • Consumer-oriented electrostatic air cleaners
  • Electrostatic furnace filters

 ... High Voltage Modules
 ... Module Series MSR
 ... Module Series MMR
 ... Module Series HMR
 ... High Voltage Meters


Electrostatic Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Surface Treatment

  • Electrostatic powder or liquid Coating
  • Electrostatic Flocking
    Electrostatic Oiling
  • Electrostatic hot steam pasteurization

 ... High Voltage Installations
 ... High Voltage Supply Cabinet
 ... High Voltage Assembly Groups
 ... High Voltage Meters


Electrostatic Separation

Electrostatic Separation

  • Electrostatic Sorting
  • High Tension Roll Separators
  • Plate and Screen Electrostatic Separators
  • Tribostatic Separators

 ... High Voltage Modules
 ... Module Series MMR
 ... Module Series MXR
 ... High Voltage Meters







Printers and Printing Machines

Printers and Electrostatics

  • Laser Printer
  • Continuous ink jet Printer
  • Decor rotogravure printing machines

 ... AC & DC High Voltage Supply
 ... Print Cascade (Multiplier)
 ... Print High Voltage Transformer


X-Ray and Particle Beam Tubes

Particle Beam Tube

  • Powering beam tubes from various suppliers
  • Plastics Sorting
  • Crystal Inspection
  • Mineral Analysis

 ... High Voltage Modules
 ... Module Series MXR


Pulse Forming Networks

Pulse Forming Network

  • Radar
  • Radiotherapy
  • X-Ray
  • Thyratron circuits

 ... High Voltage Capacitors







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