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About Us
REMO-HSE Building
Since its foundation in 1982, REMO-HSE has developed, manufactured and distributed a wide range of high voltage products. _more



REMO-HSE product portfolio includes

  • Standard products,
  • Standardized products for specific applications,
  • Custom-made adaptation of standard products,
  • Commissioned  development
  • Services.

We develop, manufacture, market and sell _more


How to Find Us
REMO-HSE Directions
REMO-HSE GmbH is located in Rattiszell near Straubing/Danube.

Directions:  _more







ISO Certificate
REMO-HSE Certificate
Our Quality Management System has been certified DIN-EN-ISO 9001: XXXX since 1999.



Terms and Conditions
REMO-HSE Terms and Conditions
Follow the link below to download our Terms and Conditions.










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REMO-HSE Hochspannungselektronik GmbH, Straubinger Str. 28, D-94372 Rattiszell
Phone: +49(0)9964-6406-0 ▪ Fax: +49(0)9964-6406-20 ▪ Email: