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High Voltage
Power Supplies



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Very Compact High Voltage Power Supplies:
The MSR-Series

The MMR Series:
Suitable for Many Applications


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Compact 300 W High Voltage Supply Module with 24V Input Voltage for X-Ray Systems

HV-Voltmeter  210S
New Design and More Options


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Menu Driven Processor Control for All High Voltage Units of the
HE-36 Series

Facelift for Our Internet Presence

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Dr. Michael Oleszczuk




Innovative High Voltage Power Supplies for  Electrostatic Filters



Electrostatic filters are used in industrial enterprises to clean exhaust air from aerosols, finest dust particles as well as waterlogged exit air containing tar and/or oil.


These filters also become increasingly important for reducing the particulate matter content in the exhaust air of wood and woodchip heating systems.

With two new series of high voltage supply modules, MSR and MMR, we cover all requirements of both small and large electrostatic filters regarding output voltage, output power and electronic control.




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Compact 300 W High Voltage Supply Module with 24 V(DC) Input Voltage for X-Ray Systems



REMO-HSE presents an innovative high voltage power supply module for X-ray systems, providing up to 50 kV at a maximum output current of 6 mA. Despite the comparably high output power of 300 W with a 24V (DC) input, the unit only measures 180mm x 160mm x 350mm (w, h, d).




Features like the heating current for the filament and a 0 to 10 V interface provide for an easy integration of the new high-voltage supply module into electron beam systems.
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Current Project:
New Modular Concept for Configurable High Voltage Supplies up to 2kW



The focus of this development lies on the modular setup of power supplies. It enables us to use mainly standard components for larger as well as smaller quantities and even customized solutions.

The great advantage for our customers is a cost reduction without sacrificing quality or diversity.


All units of the same type can be operated in parallel which leaves you with the option of increasing the output power at any time. A variety of control and monitoring interfaces will be  provided.
The availability of these power supplies is expected
in November.

This project is supported in part by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.









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