High Voltage Switches



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High Voltage Switches




Earth Switch ES-230 and ES-24 Series





REMO-HSE 120kV Earth Switch
120 kV or 150 kV High Voltage Earth Switch
Especially designed for electrostatic applications.



Technical Data



  • High voltage earth switch in a sealed brass case filled with insulation oil
  • Compact design
  • High voltage will be disconnected from ground as soon as the control voltage is connected
    After switching off the control voltage the high voltage is connected to ground via e.g. 430 MOhm first and then shorted with delay.
    Advantage: lower endangering of adjoining electronic systems.
  • Dry plug-in connector, greasing not necessary
  • Vertical mode of operation; switch closes under gravity.


Control Voltage:
Power Consumption: 
HV-Connection:          Retaining Current:
Leak Resistance
Ambient Temperature:
Mode of operation:

230 VAC
50/60 Hz
max. 20 VA
max. 120 kV
max. 1mA
430 MOhm
0 to 45C
ca. 5,1kg

ca. 382 mm
ca. 120 mm



  • 24 VDC control voltage
  • Feedback contact
  • 150 kV version
  • The leak resistance can be customized depending on the total capacitance of the installation in question  

Datasheet (PDF)
Instructions (PDF)











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