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High Voltage Accessories




High Voltage Switches
REMO-HSE Earth SwitchREMO-HSE switches for electrostatic applications are fully encapsulated in an earthed metal housing and are therefore scoop-proof. Further features include: A compact design,  dry high voltage plug-in connections and an optional  feedback interface. _more


High Voltage Distributors
REMO-HSE High Voltage Distributor
Multiway high voltage distributors  encapsulated in cast resin for easy connection of  multiple loads to one high voltage power supply.
The distributors are available custom made in different versions and for various voltages.
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Discharge Lances
REMO-HSE Discharge Lance
Devices to earth electrostatic high voltage installations Available for different DC voltages.
Example: The length of a 100kV discharge lance amounts to approximately 60cm including the handle and the bleeder resistance is less than 1 Ohm.
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High Voltage Resistors
REMO-HSE High Voltage Resistors

Pulse-stable resistor chains encapsulated in cast resin.
These protective, bleeder or terminating resistors placed e.g. in electrostatic spraying installations are cylindrical shaped by default and have a dry high voltage plug-in connection. Other resistor type versions are available upon request.
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High Voltage Cables
REMO-HSE High Voltage Cables

High voltage cables in different versions, shielded and unshielded, for voltages up to 20kV, 40kV, 100kV, 120kV and 150kV
Of course, we offer a custom high voltage cable assembly service.
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