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High Voltage Components




High Voltage Transformers
REMO-HSE High Voltage Transformers

Use our know-how, if it comes to the development and production of transformers, inductances and so on for high voltage applications.
If desired we carry out partial discharge testing. ...
Please send us your inquiry


High Voltage Cascades
REMO-HSE High Voltage Multipliers

A high voltage cascade is key part of a DC high voltage supply. Our high voltage cascades are usually fully encapsulated in cast resin and stand out due to their reliability.
We offer pure high voltage cascades and cascades with integrated or external high voltage transformer.
We leave it up to the customer to specify the shape of the cascade unless there are physical and/or technical arguments against it - since you should obtain a long lasting and high performance product. _more


Special High Voltage Capacitors
REMO-HSE High Voltage Capacitors

REMO-HSE high voltage capacitors are foil capacitor networks fully encapsulated in cast resin.
The quality and reliability of our high voltage capacitors is based on our long standing experience in the development den production of pulse forming networks for radar installations.
Individual custom design of high voltage capacitors is one of our strengths. _more







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