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High Voltage Desk Meters




HV-Voltmeter 210S






REMO-HSE 200kV High Voltage Meter

Multifunctional high voltage voltmeter for measuring low-energy electrostatic high voltages up to 200 kV. Especially designed for use in laboratories, the comprehensive maintenance visit or as a stationary measuring device for long-term monitoring.



Technical Data



  • Measures DC voltages up to 200kV, the superimposed ripple and detects sparks
  • A high internal resistance ensures that the test current is small in order to protect the device under test
  • Pulse-stable measuring input
  • Spark sensing with LED indicator
  • Temperature indication
  • 4 digit LCD display with automatic polarity indication
  • Analogue signal outputs for voltage, ripple and sparks recording
  • Pulse-stable measuring input
  • Supply voltage either 115/230 VAC or 24V DC
  • Optional extension adapter for the spatial separation of measuring instrument and high voltage probe


Voltage Measuring Range:
                          -200...+200 kV DC
Max. Voltage:    200kV DC
Accuracy:           (2%+5d)
Resolution:         0,01kV
Measuring Input Resistance:
20 GOhm
Total Weight:     
4,4 kg
269 mm wide,
                           720 mm high,
                           201mm deep

REMO-HSE 200kV High Voltage Meter with Adapter

Datasheet (PDF)
Instructions (PDF)






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