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Meters to Measure Low Energetic Electrostatic High Voltages




Single-handed High Voltage Probe and Digital Voltmeter to Measure DC-Voltages up to 100kV



REMO-HSE Voltmeter 20P and 100P
The hand-held high voltage meters HV-Voltmeter 20P, 100P and 110P are ideally suited to troubleshooting  problematic electrostatic installations.

The digital voltmeter is integrated in the handlebar of the  high voltage probe which makes it easy to measure high voltage with one hand.


Standard configuration includes a digital display with automatic polarity indication and a space charge screening reducing the corona losses during measurement.

REMO-HSE Voltmeter110P
A special feature of the HV-Voltmeter 110P is, that it can be used either as a hand-held meter or as a stationary measuring device for long-term monitoring.


REMO-HSE Voltmeter110P with Adapter
Due to its special modular design the high voltage probe can easily be separated  from the handlebar and connected via an extension adapter in order to use high voltage probe and digital meter spatially separated..

The analogue output from digital meter provides freedom in the users choice of external signal processing. _more











Multifunctional High Voltage Meters to Measure DC-Voltages up to 200kV



REMO-HSE Voltmeter 210SThe bench top meter HV-Voltmeter 210S is designed for use in laboratories and  the   comprehensive maintenance visit.

The multifunctional meter measures DC voltages up to 200kV, and the superimposed ripple voltage.


A high internal resistance ensures that the test current is small in order to protect the device under test

In addition, the meter features an integrated spark detector, which indicates discharges in the high voltage circuit.

A logic signal output and two analogue outputs allow recording and monitoring all measurement data.


By pressing the temperature button the device temperature will appear in  the 4 -digit display with automatic polarity recognition. _more











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