High Voltage Power Supplies



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High Voltage Power Supplies




High Voltage Generators

REMO-HSE High Voltage Generators

You are looking for high voltage generators in standard 19 inch cases or equipment cabinets or  customized to your individual application.

In general  these units feature integrated controls and indicating instruments for current and voltage and/or are programmable

Various interfaces for connection to PC or PLC are available. _more


High Voltage Modules

REMO-HSE High Voltage Modules

High voltage modules are compact OEM power supplies housed in (metal) cases and can easily be mounted in appliances and/or  installations.

Modules usually feature LEDs, signalling the status of the unit but do no have integrated displays for monitoring voltage or current.

Model dependent these units are adjustable either manually via potentiometer or automatically via an integrated analogue/digital interface (or both) _more


High Voltage Assembly Groups

REMO-HSE High Voltage Assembly Groups

High voltage assembly groups are  open-frame OEM solutions for the individual integration with existing electronic devices.

Installing the assembly group and connecting to the existing device is made simple due to standardized interfaces.

Ask for configuration and/or customization according to your needs. _more







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