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Product Overview




High Voltage Generators, Modules and Assembly Groups
REMO-HSE Power Supplies
System solutions for the rough usage in industrial installations, table units for laboratory use, compact OEM high voltage module solutions or assembly groups for the customer-specific integration.  »_more


High Voltage Meter and Test Equipment
REMO-HSE High Voltage Meters
High voltage desk meters and handheld meters for laboratory use, maintenance visit on site or the continuous monitoring of high voltage in the production process. »_more


Switches, Distributors, Cables, Discharge Lances, etc.
REMO-HSE High Voltage Accessories
Get the most out of your high voltage installation  with REMO-HSE high voltage accessories:
High voltage switches, distributors, terminating resistors, discharging lances, cables and connectors, »_more







Transformers, Multipliers and Special Capacitors
REMO-HSE High Voltage Components
If you are considering making your own power supply then we can provide you with the best high voltage transformer and multiplier  solutions.
In addition, we specialize on high voltage capacitors and capacitor banks which are used, for instance, with pulse forming networks. »_more


Special Products:
Heat Flux Sensor

REMO-HSE Heat Flux Sensors
is an optical transparent heat flux plate, which distinguishes between the heat flux due to thermal conductivity and the energy flux resulting from incoming solar radiation. »_more

SensiLine and SensiPlane are two precise heat flux plates with integrated temperature sensor designed to measure the heat flux heat transfer through opaque surfaces. »_more


Services, Training and Commissioned Development
REMO-HSE Support
Don´t wait until fuse blows.

We support you with designing your high voltage project and assist you with your installation and commissioning.

We carry out  measurements and analysis and train your people.

Based on your request for quotation, you will shortly receive a tentative offer from us.
»_Please send us your inquiry







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