REMO-HSE high voltage in industry
Various Industrial Applications

Precipitators for Tooling Machines

Advances in modern tools and machinary of production have increased the need for better lubrication in order to keep up with the faster production speeds. This has also led to an increase in metalworking fluids being generated and emitted into the air.
Electrostatic precipitators for oil and emulsion mist are mostly two-stage precipitators in which the high voltage electrodes preceed the flat collector plates. Typically, the high voltage ranges between seven and 14kV and the high voltage output power between 60 and 120W.
Product suggestions: MSR series, MMR series

Electrostatic Separators

Electrostatic separation takes advantage of the difference in surface charge and conductivity of materials in industrial waste processing. Typical granular mixtures are metal/plastic particles or plastic/plastic particles such as PVC and PE where the size of the particles should be less than about 7mm.
Similar to electrostatic precipitators the granular mixtures are charged via a corona electrode at which a voltage between 15 and 35 kV is present.
Product suggestions: MSR series, MMR series, CMR series, special CMR series

Other electrostatic applications

In addition to electrostatic coating with powder or wet coatings and electrostatic precipitation, there are other electrostatic applications in the Automotive, plastic, furniture and packaging industries such as the application of protective films, the extrusion of films, lamination, etc.
In these electrostatic applications, high voltage generators with voltages between 20kV and 60kV and powers up to 150W are generally used.
Product suggestions: MSR series, MMR series, CMR series, special CMR series

X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray inspection systems are used in wide range of industries and applications: for safety reasons (e.g. food inspection, luggage and bag inspection), for quality assurance (e.g. pharmacy), for determining the physical composition of a liquid or for optimization of processing processes (e.g. detection of the size and position of holes in cheese to optimize the cutting pattern).
Depending on the application, the voltage and power of corresponding high-voltage generators are between 35kV to 150kV and a few watts up to 750W.
Product suggestions: MSR series, MMR series, MXR series

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)

X-ray fluorescence analysis is used to examine the chemical composition of materials in recycling and building material testing, but also has a wide range of applications in geology, for example in measurements directly in boreholes.
Product suggestions: BXR series