REMO-HSE high voltage handheld meters HV-Voltmeter 100P Series
High Voltage Handheld Meters
HV-Voltmeter 20P
HV-Voltmeter 50P
HV-Voltmeter 100P
  • Easy to use
  • Measuring range depending on the design ±20kV, ±50kV,±100kV
  • Pulse proof measurement input
  • Space charge shielding to reduce spray losses during the measurement
  • High internal measuring resistance ensures only a low load on the test object
  • Battery operated
Display elements
  • 3½ digit digital display with automatic polarity detection and battery symbol
Measurement accuracy
  • Resolution depending on the model 0.01kV or 0.1kV
  • Accuracy better than ±(5% + 2 Digits)
Mechanical data
  • Device consisting of measuring instrument, high voltage probe, different tips and space charge screen
  • Total length depending on the model 400mm, 500mm or 700mm
  • Weight 700g, 800g or 900g depending on the model
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Cost-effective solution for the measurement of DC high voltages up to 100kV

In order to be able to measure the DC high voltage in electrostatic systems, a simple hand-held measuring device is desirable, with which one can conveniently measure with one hand and read the measured value. This requirement profile of our customers was the trigger for the development of the HV voltmeter 100P series. The integration of a digital voltmeter in the handle of the high-voltage probe and battery operation means that every high-voltage measurement can be carried out conveniently with one hand.
A typical application is the quality monitoring of manufacturing and / or cleaning processes in

  • Electrostatic coating systems
  • Electrostatic precipitators at machining centers
  • Air purification systems with electrostatic precipitators
  • Heating systems with electrostatic precipitators
But this measuring device is also a useful companion during the design and development phase of devices and systems with DC high-voltage sources.

Configuration and models

The HV voltmeter of the 100P series consists of a measuring instrument, a measuring probe and various tips. In addition, the measuring device comes with a space charge shield to reduce spray losses, which can significantly falsify the measurement result - especially on pointed corona electrodes.
Of course, the high-voltage measuring input is pulse-proof and the internal measuring resistor is chosen so large that the test object is only subjected to a very low load during the measuring process.
The measuring device has a 3½ digit digital display with automatic polarity detection and battery symbol.
We currently offer the measuring device with the following measuring ranges: ±10kV, ±50kV and ±100kV.


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