REMO-HSE high voltage modules - MXR series
MXR Series
High Voltage Generators
for X-Ray Tubes
  • Currently up to 50kV with one or two outputs
  • 300W output power
  • 24V DC input with reverse polarity protection
  • Efficiency typically 87% at rated values
Controls and Monitoring
  • Adjustment and monitoring of voltage and current via analog interface
  • Over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current status messages
  • Filament current demand and voltage and current monitoring
Optional Features
  • Adjustable floating or ground referenced filament supply
  • Automatic transition from constant voltage to constant current control and vice versa
  • Input voltage reverse polarity protection
  • Over-voltage and over-current limitation on high voltage output
  • Over-temperature limitation
  • 100% short-circuit-proof against ground on high voltage output
Mechanical Data
  • Aluminum case
  • Approx. 7.5kg
  • Classification IP20
  • Cooling vents and internal fan
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24V DC Input and 300W Output Power

The MXR-S-300N50-6m-DC24 unit is a compact-sized 300W high voltage module which operates from a 24V DC input and generates up to 50kV with positive or negative polarity.
Typical applications include

  • Powering X-ray tubes from various suppliers
  • Crystal Inspection
  • Mineral Analysis

Low Ripple and High Stability

The high voltage ripple is less than 50V peak to peak and the line regulation less than 60V for a 1V change in the 24V supply.
The static load regulation is less than 60V from no load to full load and the dynamic load regulation less than 3kV (within 200ms recovery to within 1% of the previous voltage setting).
As far as the output current is concerned the load regulation for a 10% to 100% change of rated load and the line regulation for a 1V change in the 24V supply is less than ± 4µA.
The temperature coefficient ist 100ppm/°C over operating temperature range and the drift is 0.2% of rating over an 8 hour period after 30 minutes warm up.

Internal DC Filament Supply

There are two versions of the MXR series which are especialy designed for X-ray tubes:

  • MXR-S-300N50-6m-DC24-FFD
    incorporates an adjustable integrated floating filament supply for negative polarity.
  • MXR-S-300P50-6m-DC24-GFD
    is equipped with an adjustable integrated ground referenced filament supply for positive polarity.
The maximum voltage of the filament supply amounts to 5V DC and the supply operates up to 3.7A. The filament current is regulated by internal beam control loop and is limited by beam current demand and/or filament current demand.

Analog Interface

An anlog interface provides remote control and monitoring of voltage, current. In addition, over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current status messages are available via potential free relay contacts (24V DC, max. 1A).


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