ES-120k Series
Earth Switches
for Electrostatic Applications
  • Earthing switch for DC voltages up to 120kV
  • 24 VDC or 230 VAC control voltage
  • Available with different leakage resistance values
  • Optional: feedback contact (max. 250V/100mA)
Special features
  • Earthing in two steps
Mechanical Data
  • Brass case
  • Dimensions: ca. ⌀ 120mm; L 382mm
  • Approx. 5.1kg
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  Data sheet (de)   

Safety First

If work has to be carried out on a high-voltage electrostatic installation, the installation must be earthed to ensure that the entire work area has the same electrical potential. Even after switching off the high-voltage power supply, residual charges can still occur in the system, which can endanger the maintenance personnel.
The main function of the earthing switch is to ensure that the entire work area is earthed. It is connected to the system control. As soon as the control voltage is applied to the earthing switch, the earthing switch is open and when the control voltage is switched off, the earthing switch closes to earth.
The REMO-HSE earthing switch comes in a sealed brass housing filled with insulating oil. Since the switching mechanism uses gravity, among other things, the earthing switch must always be mounted in a vertical position.
In order to minimise the risk to adjacent electronic systems in the event of a short-circuit to earth, earthing is carried out in two steps: first the system is earthed via a resistor and then short-circuited with a delay. The resistance value should be based on the capacity of the high-voltage system.
An additional potential-free make contact can be used as a position feedback for the control unit (only with earth switch type ES-230-120k-xxxM-v0-R). As soon as the earth switch has picked up, the feedback contact is closed.


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