Earthing Lances

REMO-HSE earthing lances are intended exclusively for dissipating residual voltages and static charges in electrostatic installations. These earthing lances are not earthing and short-circuiting devices according to DIN VDE 0683 part 100 (EN 61230) and must therefore not be used in energy networks.

Earthing Lances REMo-HSE earthing lance EL-120k-50cm REMo-HSE earthing lance EL-120k-100cm REMo-HSE earthing lance EL-120k-947
Type EL-120k-50cm EL-120k-100cm EL-120k-947
Length 500mm 1000mm 947mm
Leakage resistance < 1Ω < 1Ω < 1Ω
Cable cross-section 4mm2 4mm2 16mm2
Length earth cable 2m 2m 2m
Connection earth side Ring tongue terminal Ring tongue terminal Ring tongue terminal
Connection high voltage side Hook Hook Ring nut DIN 582

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