High Voltage Distributors

High voltage distributors make it possible to connect a number of components (loads, measuring equipment, etc.) to a high voltage supply. Even though the distributor is a fairly simple component to begin with, there are a few things to consider:

In the event of a spark in a load and a resulting disconnection of the high-voltage generator for approx. 1 second, the voltage to all loads connected via the distributor is also disconnected for this time.

If a spark occurs in an electrostatic filter cell, the other filter cells are also discharged via the distributor, which can lead to unwanted oscillations in the system. To avoid this, the outputs can be decoupled with diodes (cf. HVD-P20k-5m-4-D).

The total current of the high voltage supply is distributed to the outputs according to the loads connected in each case. If the maximum current at each output is not to exceed a certain value, this can be realized in the distributor by means of suitable resistors at each output. (cf. HVD-30-K18-R1M).

If the components are close together, but all further away from the high voltage supply, high voltage cables can be saved by placing the distribution board close to the loads.

Distributors REMO-HSE high voltage distributor HVD-P20k-5m-4-D REMO-HSE high voltage distributor HVD-30-K18-R1M REMO-HSE high voltage distributor HVD-30k-25m-n-t REMO-HSE high voltage distributor HVD-30k-25m-n-H REMO-HSE high voltage distributor HVD-120k-25m-5-H
Type HVD-P20k-5m-4-D
HVD-30-K18-R1M HVD-30k-25m-n-t HVD-30k-25m-n-H HVD-120k-25m-5-H
Ports (n) 1 + 4 18 2 to 5 3 to 10 5
Nominal Voltage max. 20kV DC max. 30kV DC max. 30kV DC max. 30kV DC max. 120kV DC
Nominal Current max. 5 mA per output max 1 mA per output max. 25 mA max. 25 mA max. 25 mA
Special Feature decoupling diodes 1MΩ per port -- fits under MSR modules --
Dimensions (L×W×H) 70 × 53 × 42 mm 110 × 70 × 49 mm 110 × 70 × 49 mm 165-180 × 113 × 35 mm 400 × ⌀125 mm
Weight approx. 220g 540g 550g 1kg 8,4kg

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