Heat Flux Sensors

SensiLine and SensiPlane are two high accuracy sensors with integrated temperature sensor, intended for heat flux measurements on opaque surfaces.

REMO-HSE heat flux sensor SensiLine

Heat Flux Sensor
Operating temperature: -20°C to +85°C
Accuracy: ± 5%
U-Value (nominal): = 100 W/m² K
Calibration alue (nominal): 15 W/m² (mV) at 30°C,
Resistance: ≈ 600 Ohm
Temperature Sensor
Output signal: 10 mV/ °C
Accuracy: offset maximal 0.4°C, linearity 0.2°C

Typically are heat flux measurement of walls, roofs and building facades as well as measurement of heat flux of insulation of refrigerator cabinets, cold storage houses, fire-protective clothing, etc.

The sensors consist of thermocouples connected in series, which are incorporated in a black plastic body and generate a voltage signal that is proportional to the heat flux density passing through the sensor.

They are equipped with an integrated temperature sensor that generates a voltage signal proportional to the surface temperature.

All signal amplitudes are sufficiently large to facilitate the direct signal processing with a conventional voltmeter or data acquisition system.

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REMO-HSE heat flux sensor SensiPlane

The sensitive area and the sensitiveness of SensiPlane is 5 times larger than compared to SensiLine.
Due to its larger sensitive area the sensor SensiPlane is suited to averaging the heat flux over local non-homogeneities.


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