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Product Overview

Our products are the result of decades of experience in designing and manufacturing
high voltage power supplies and measuring devices

REMO-HSE high voltage power supplies
Power Supplies

Modules, lab power supplies, cabinets, system solutions, assembly groups and control cabinets   

REMO-HSE high voltage meters
Measuring Devices

Handheld and bench high voltage meters
for design and quality control   

REMO-HSE high voltage accessories

Earthing switches and lances, damping resistors, distributors, capacitors and cables   

REMO-HSE heat flow sensors
Special Products

Heat flow sensors   

REMO-HSE high voltage test bench
We support you!

Consulting, contract development, customised solutions   


REMO-HSE products are designed for a wide variety of applications

REMO-HSE environmental engineering
Environmental Engineering

Electrostatic Precipitators for Road Tunnels, Shipping and Heating Systems   

REMO-HSE electrostatic surface Treatment
Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating and Flocking, Food Processing, Electrostatic Oiling and Lubrication, Pharmacy   

REMO-HSE medical technology
Medical Technology

Pain Therapy, C-Arm X-Ray   

REMO-HSE high voltage industrial solutions

Tooling Machines, Electrostatic Separators, X-ray Inspection Systems   

REMO-HSE high voltage for reasearch and development
Research and Development

Accelerator technology, sensor technology, process engineering, solar research