High Voltage Components and Accessories

In addition to the high-voltage cable that is required in every high-voltage system, Remo-HSE also offers other components such as earthing switches, resistors, distributors and earthing lances.

REMO-HSE high voltage earthing switches
Earthing switches

Switches that enable simple and safe earthing and protect the system operator.   

REMO-HSE high voltage damping resistors
Damping Resistors

Protection against high voltage flashovers with a high energy content   

REMO-HSE high voltage distributors

Distributors for connecting several loads to a single power supply   

REMO-HSE earthing lances
Earthing Lances

For the safe manual earthinging of an electrostatic system   

REMO-HSE high voltage cables

High-voltage capacitors completely encapsulated in cast resin   

High Voltage Cables

Shielded and unshielded cables with different rated high voltages